In recent years, the style of Geometric has been gradually quietly flourished, and do you know something about such curtains or do you want to know some tips on how to choose such curtains. Do you know the characteristics of Geometric curtains?

Geometric curtain is kind of luxury style, with its noble personality known for advocating concise free style to reflect the performance. These styles are mainly used to goods, such as hollow decorative and fine dining tables and chairs, green plants.

blackout curtains

Designers will always use such things to decorate homes or make some expressions. In order to highlight its elegant theme. And there are many things for you to choose from, different colors, different styles and different fabrics.

Geometric style can be flexible and it covers a wide content, contains various countries Germany, Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Roman and other elements of national style design very much, can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. (

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The maintenance of curtains should be paid more attention in summer. Due to the daytime is long in summer, some soft texture curtains will fade partly. Therefore, for floor-style curtains in master bedroom or living room, you should select high-quality shading layer and match your favorite curtains. Many people forget cleaning the hooks or rails so there may exist a lot of dust and do damage to your health. In result, some gauze or cloth fabrics should be cleaned for two weeks or half a month. While for thick fabrics like dried velvet should be cleaned once a week by cleaner or sent to dry cleaners or professional cleaning cloth store half a year.

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